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It has been a long time coming, but Pastor Phil has finally redesigned his Blog. It is almost finished but the main parts are up and running…so take a peek. The hope is that it becomes another avenue for communication. Some thoughts are personal observations about his life and ministry, while others are devotional in style. From time to time you might catch a book or movie review. In fact, you may even catch a new song he writes or a logo he designs before anyone else. Sometimes he writes about his family and the things he struggles with while learning to be a Godly daddy, husband, and friend. The most refreshing part is that it is not written from the stance or position of an expert but as someone understanding that the Christian life cuts against the grain of modern culture. How our faith affects our culture, and our culture affects our faith are things we need to be reading. This blog will help you see and evaluate those things as well as make you laugh. So, if you want a good read or a challenging thought…you just might find them on Pastor Phil’s Blog…go visit now.

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