Easter and Invitations

The two services on Easter will prove to make it that much easier to invite your friends. Our 9:00AM service is early enough it will give people time to meet up and have lunch with family after the service. While the 11:00AM service is late enough for those who are looking to sleep in and get a later, more relaxed start to the day. However, both of these options require one massive action that we cannot control… an invitation.

You are the variable this Easter. Will your friends, neighbors, coworkers, school friends, and family hear the Easter message this year or will they miss it because we are just to nervous or fearful to invite them. Our prayer for you is that you will take action and we will see more people respond to the message of hope Easter has to offer.

We are also planning a great entry level event the day before Easter services with a massive Egg Hunt on our property. We are sure to have a “full house” as we will include bounce houses, hay rides, several egg hunts, food, and other activities throughout the day. One of the unique features to the hay ride will be an addition of story telling spots throughout the ride. At each story spot another element of the Easter story will be shared with everyone on the hay ride. A brief synopsis of the main elements of the story. We are particularly excited about this event and the potential it possesses to help people see the forgiveness God offers each of us.

There will be a need for donated candy, food, empty eggs, time, and talents. This may be our most ambitious event in years and I cannot wait to see what God will do with this outreach.