Our Updated Response to Covid-19

Our Updated Response to Covid-19

Welcome and thank you for reading this update.

We know that many of you are starting to worry about the situation we are in as a country and world. Some of you are beginning to feel the stress of potential job loss… and a couple of you have lost your job altogether.

Please know that as we strive to strike a balance with honoring Jesus and the local and national authorities… our prayers are for healing ALL AROUND. We are praying that God would heal our land, that he would heal our hearts, and remove this virus from the planet. I stand confident that God, who began a good work in us all, IS NOT ABONDONING THAT WORK… EVER.

Recently two big things happened. Our local authorities issued a stay-at-home order followed closely by our own president extending the need for social distancing. Our goal is to honor that and strive to find unique and creative ways to keep doing God’s work.

At this time we are extending our Online ONLY ministry through the end of April. Unless we are given an all clear by the appropriate authorities before April 30th we will plan to resume normal church service and hours on May 1.

We are tirelessly striving to make sure you have all you need to worship with your family. I am thankful for a sacrificial staff and volunteers who have dedicated so much more time than usual to maintain some continuity while we are away from one another.

In the meantime, we have updated the following resources for you and your family:

Website has links to all the places you can see our weekend service.

  • You can click the banner image at the top of our site or go to the menu item titled WATCH & FIND. There are 3 solutions to help you find our services on this page.
  • We have also updated our FB page to reflect some of these changes.
  • Links will be posted to the Pin Oaks Mobile App each week as well.
  • We began a prayer wall where you can request prayer and pray for others in our church.
    I highly encourage everyone to visit and participate in this activity as nothing brings is closer to God and others like praying.
  • We will also maintain three extra devotional throughout the week M-F for your study and encouragement. These studies will be done by various staff, elders, and volunteers then posted to FB for you when you are ready to view.

None of us have ever led through a time like this… if you have any ideas we are eager to hear your thoughts. Remember we are praying for you and your family and the countless others who make up our ministry area from McKinney and all the way up to Howe.

Thank for remaining faithful to the Lord and this church family… God is doing a great work in our midst let’s make sure we shine His love for the world to see!

Thank you and God Bless You

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