Small Groups are at the heart of what we do at Pin Oaks

What Are Home Groups at Pin Oaks?

Small Groups are just that: Small Groups of people that meet regularly for Christ-centered fellowship. Many of these groups function also as Bible studies and community service groups.

Each group has a “leader” who is responsible for the group and the people in it. Pin Oaks Small Groups are similar to traditional small group Bible studies, but they’re intended to go beyond studying the Bible to real-world application. They also focus on community involvement, friendship, discipleship, mutual support, and outreach.

The leader and other group members are the front line of pastoral care at Pin Oaks. Many times, before any staff member even knows about it, our group leaders will be aware of and meeting the needs of group members with needs or in crisis.

Many of the groups meet in the homes of church members throughout Anna. Each group has its own personality, and we encourage you to visit a few to discover one that could become part of your extended family.

To connect with a home group, email Phil or fill out the form on our Pin Oaks app.

Why Small Groups Are Essential to Spiritual Maturity

There is strong evidence, both theological and sociological, for churches and individuals to embrace small group ministries. The leadership at Pin Oaks is committed to small groups as a way of life for its membership and we want you to understand why.

Theological Evidence

The Bible shows us a God who embraces community. First with Adam (Gen. 1:26) then with the people of Israel (Deut. 6:4) and finally in the Godhead itself (John 1:1-3). Knowing that we are made in the image of God, and that God himself lives and works in community, it is logical to assume that we will flourish when we are in community with God and each other.

Jesus and the disciples operated as the first small group! Christ came to provide community and live with us (Matt. 1:23). Then he called together a small group of men to be his disciples and to live and walk with Him (Mark 3:7-1013-14) Jesus was aware of the needs of the masses, but He chose to minister to the twelve. By walking with and training the few, he was ultimately able to touch many.

Sociological Evidence.

You are created in the image of God, and just as God seeks after a relationship with you, you in turn have been created to crave relationships with him and with other believers!

As churches grow and expand, Small Groups become necessary to ensure community. In this manner, everyone is cared for but no one cares for too many. The small group ensures that nobody stands alone, struggles alone, serves alone, and develops alone. Small Groups are a God-ordained method of providing infrastructure, assuring that the workload is shared and that everyone receives care.

Finally, Small Groups provide a structure for mutual membership and a sense of unity in the body. A place to grow, serve and exercise our spiritual gifts.

How Do They Function?

Small Groups are the basic units for Christian community at POCF. Groups are made up of 6-18 people designed to help us know each other better; discover and use our spiritual gifts; grow closer to Jesus in study and accountability, and lead others to a saving relationship with Jesus.