Salvation: The main thing!

Baptism: What is this about?

The Bible clearly teaches that baptism is the first step of obedience after making a commitment to Christ. Baptism allows a believer to communicate to the world their heart-felt commitment to Christ. People often have questions regarding baptism: Why should I be baptized? I’ve already been baptized. Do I have to do it again? Does it matter if someone is sprinkled or dunked?

Take a few minutes to read this page about BAPTISM.

Home Groups: Why should I go?

Home Groups are Christ-centered communities that encourage spiritual growth and forge long lasting relationships. They are a great tool for those that want to know others better, grow in their knowledge of Jesus, or have an excellent way to serve other people on a regular basis.

The bible is always at the heart of each week. Some groups will use a popular book as the basis for their study, some will use video teaching from popular authors, while others may use the sermon based curriculum. Either type of group is sure to help you learn more about God, lead in our church through service, and make new friends.

Different groups follow different schedules. Each week’s agenda is really up to the group and it’s leaders. Some groups hang out late and play games, others have kids and call it quits around “junior’s” bed time. Rest assured as these groups evolve there will be one for every person.

Membership: A big commitment.

Church membership is a covenant relationship between individual Christians who share the same basic beliefs. These Christians take the step of church membership because they are deeply committed to:

  • supporting and encouraging one another in their spiritual growth
  • working together to share Christ with others
  • seeking together to bless their local area and the world for God’s glory

Jesus referenced the local church several times and half of the New Testament is made up of letters that the Apostle Paul wrote to specific churches regarding roles and responsibilities and commitment to a local church body.

Why Join If I Am Already Involved?

Membership is intentional and evokes a greater sense of ownership, commitment and accountability from both you and the church.

  • members vote on the approval of recommended candidates on Full-time Staff Teams.
  • members vote on the annual financial budget
  • members are eligible to serve on our Admin Teams (finance, personnel, selection teams)
  • members serve as Home Group leaders and as teachers in various ministries.

What is Required for Church Membership?

  1. Members must have a personal relationship with God by placing their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9-10)
  2. Members must have been or be willing to submit to Believer’s Baptism (Matthew 28:19)
    • this takes place after salvation and it is an outward expression of an inward change
    • represented by immersion because it follows the pattern in the Bible.
    • is symbolic in nature – union with Jesus in his death (the old life gone) and resurrection (new life has begun).
  3. Members agree to our membership covenant.

* we encourage all perspective members to attend our Discover Pin Oaks class which is an orientation designed to help you get the best possible start as a new member of Pin Oaks. The class is led by Pastor Phil Morgan and is held on a Sunday afternoon at least once a quarter, and as regular as every month.

Volunteer: How do I help out?

First, check out the volunteer teams below, and complete a Volunteer Application so we can know a little bit more about you. You can also find out more about Pin Oaks’ volunteer opportunities by emailing Pastor Phil Morgan or attending Membership Class.

Pin Oaks has many areas of ministry that are made up of multiple volunteer teams who serve on Sundays and during the week. Sign up for one of the teams below and someone will contact you about your next step.

  1. First Impressions
    • You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. The First Impression teams love creating welcoming environments for every guest at Pin Oaks. From greeting people in the parking lot to serving a great cup of coffee this team is made up of the first people our guests will likely meet on a Sunday. Email Thomas Guiette for more information.
  2. Worship & Technical Arts
    • From operating cameras and sound to trouble-shooting computer issues, the Creative and Technical Arts teams use their skills in media production and technology to keep Pin Oaks worshiping without distraction. You may also have talents in singing or playing an instrument and want to join the other members who are helping lead our weekend service in music. Email Joseph Painter for more information.
  3. Children’s Ministry
    • Children’s Ministry teams exist to unveil God’s love to the children and families of Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship. Volunteers serve on Sunday mornings with infants to 5th graders, or during the week by following up with first time guests. Email Heather Surdukan for more information.
  4. Student Ministry
    • This ministry is for volunteers who have a heart to see High School and Middle School students grow and fall in love with Jesus daily. Student Ministry teams serve during the Wednesday night student gathering, Rooted. For more information about how you can plug in to Student Ministry email Blake Grundy.
  5. Groups Ministry
    • Home Groups that are sermon based, book based, or video based all need leaders. It is the place where people truly connect with each other and the instructions we find in the Bible. We consider group ministry to be critical to our overall mission of helping people know Christ more deeply. Our groups are widely varied between small groups for couples, younger and older groups, mixed generation groups, men’s groups, and women’s Bible study. To volunteer please email Pastor Phil Morgan.