The heart of Pin Oaks is to see people know Christ and to grow in that relationship and that is why this page is so hard to write…and so easy. The Story isn’t so much about our building, our past event and activities, or even how we got our start. Our story is summed up in the life of Christ and His followers at Pin Oaks. Ultimately our story begins and ends with Jesus…along the way or in the “dash” is where we get to live out the many facets of “our story” with Jesus.


Just recently I remember the face of a young woman who stumbled in to our services at the request of a friend. She was worn out from trying to do everything on her own. She had carried the weight of the world on her shoulders and was being crushed. At some point we have all been in her position. Her sin had taken her far away from God and into a life of decadence and waste. She was lost and wandering. That morning she heard that God desires to welcome her “home” and He has been waiting for her to see life the way it was designed to be lived. That morning she surrendered to the idea and truth that Christ was her only answer. She confessed her sin and the very next week stood in front of our family of faith and told them as much.

The Pratt’s and an “around the world” Blessing:

December 13, 2009 will be a day that will always be etched in the minds of Aaron and Whitney Pratt. But it was a decision almost exactly a year earlier that brought them to one of the greatest days of their lives.
In Ethiopia, the Pratt family was introduced to the third member of their family, Mekele, on that fateful Sunday. That day marks the beginning of an exciting journey for the Pratt family, but the journey to that day was just as stirring.
“On September 10 we received the call from our agency, with news of our son, born with the birth name of Aaron, just like his Daddy,” Whitney recalls. “We knew he was meant for our family, and by December 13, he was in our arms in Ethiopia! We are now blessed to be first-time parents, and to get to spend each day of our lives with our sweet boy.”
They got home on Saturday, December 19 and had family and church friends waiting at DFW airport to greet the family. The day after they got home, Mekele turned 7 months old.
The Pratt’s are faithful members of Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship and help remind us that we need to remain a church that is actively involved in helping children locally and out of the country by supporting missions like Clothe a Child and orphans in Honduras.

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