Kick-Off Season is Here

Many of you, myself included, are extremely aware that high schools, colleges, and professionals all around the country are gearing up for the start of their football seasons. My memories surrounding football are full of friends around a living room, rivalry games that make you fierce with anxiety, and some of my favorite foods I should avoid rather than indulge. (please read hot wings, nachos, and burgers of the greasiest sorts).

With all of that, we also see people’s excitement levels go through the roof. Your normally docile, introverted, unassuming person transforms into a driving force of fandom for the favorite team. I love it. Yep, that’s right, I love it. And while I will make the connection to how we should emulate this in our spiritual life, on Sunday mornings, and generally everyday of our lives… it is football season that gives me one more reminder that I am capable of tapping into a deep pool of passion and excitement when I REALLY want to.

This week, I really want to enjoy football… but I want the world to know I enjoy God just as much. I struggle with how to show that, but I am going to be intentional of finding more ways to make that known.

For Pin Oaks… one of the ways our kids show it… and it shows without prejudice… is on Wednesday nights. Starting TONIGHT, our youth and kids begin gathering again for midweek services. Let me encourage you to fan that flame of excitement and help them develop in their relationship with God. If you haven’t seen our youth ministry up close and personal, or watched our kids get lost in pursuit of Jesus… maybe you need to come and get recharged yourself. Let their joy suck you in and charge you up.

It’s kick-off season, are you ready?