Making A Difference in Anna

Excerpts of an article written by one of our members:

Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship has begun to accept applications for work needed on or in homes in the Anna area. Applications can be picked up at the church or online at Or you can click here Make A Difference Day Application to download it now.

Applications can be filled out by persons needing help, or in place of someone who needs the work done. The only criteria is that the person receiving assistance be physically or financially unable to do the work themselves. Phil Morgan, Senior Pastor of Pin Oaks, said that the volunteer group is preparing service projects including yard work, minor electrical or roofing work, or painting.

“This whole event is about helping people in the community,” Morgan said. “We are here to serve people. It is the churches job to look for those people and lend a hand.”

Morgan added that this is not a Pin Oaks specific event, and hopes that the whole community, no mater their background would step up and get involved to make the community of Anna a better place.

Applications should be returned to the church by Monday,September 21.

“There is no reason the church can not do manual labor,” Morgan said. “We are to the hands and feet of Christ. Making a difference in people’s lives is what we are about.”

For more information about volunteering for Make a Difference Day please visit

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