Blast of the Past to Push Ahead

Blast of the Past to Push Ahead

Seemingly every person is on Facebook these days. One of my favorite features has very little to do with the day to day functions of the social site, but their walks down memory lane. Do you know what I am talking about? It is the “On This Day” feed. I enjoy seeing my kids when they were younger, nights spent with friends, travel pictures from vacations, and other highlights from my past. Since I adopted Facebook fairly early I have quite a few things to enjoy on most days. This week I ran across a post from 8 years ago. Here is a glimpse of what I shared then…

My heart actually raced as I read this post. I remember what that day felt like. Thankfully we have had many of these Sundays together. I look forward to and pray about having many more. In fact, I am unapologetic about the need of these days to be more regular and not just highlights from the past. On this day in our history together I “felt” God moving in what I imagined the book of Acts to be like in our own small way. In Acts 2:47 the Bible says, “And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.” Later in chapters 5 and 6, and in many other places the same thing is recorded. It must have been a rush in every way. I remember the growing sense of pressure, the elation of witnessing lives transformed, the joyful tears of redemption, the celebrations of new life, and the countless hours of teaching behind each decision.

None of this was accidental. It was an intentional pursuit. The danger is letting our lives leak purpose and slip into a blur of drift. We drift in and out of everyday activities without any thought as to what we are accomplishing or even living for. Drift, leaks, and unconventionality will kill a churches pursuit of its vision. The only way to protect the church and keep this from happening is to stay in the word, pray, and look forward with a clear vision in mind.

Pin Oaks has a vision of helping people meet Jesus and grow in that relationship. How are you helping introduce people to Jesus? What are you doing that is helping someone else get closer to God today? It doesn’t take much. A planned invitation for someone to join you at church. A morning of caring for kids so a parent can focus on Jesus. A night of helping someone with their disposal because they didn’t have the money to handle it with a plumber, an hour in a coffee shop explaining how Jesus got your attention, a brief moment in a hospital praying with people who are facing the worst time of their life, or showing up to a party and celebrating a neighbors big news with as much or more joy than anyone else. It doesn’t take much to be on mission everyday, but it can’t happen without a decision. Decide to be on mission and let’s keep reading more status updates like the one above.

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