It’s Back to School

It’s Back to School

For parents, kids, teachers, and administrators this is game time! The usual end of summer rush will have all of us crazy over the next few weeks as we settle into new routines. This is true for our kids, their parents, the teachers, and all of our administrators. As a church we can rush through this time without any thought or intentionality. I want to ask you all to do something that can be accomplished in the early morning, sitting a lunch table, waiting on a conference call, in the car stuck in traffic, or at night before you go to bed. Really it can be done anywhere. Pray.

Pray for our students and the new routine. The transition from summer to school. The battle of engaging their brain in a new way and quickly for the sake of their grades. For the pressures they feel to succeed and perform. For the pressures they feel to perform for their friends or sometimes to earn new friendships. Pray for the moral and spiritual challenges they will face.

Pray for our teachers that they can approach their job with confidence each day. Pray that they will lead, guide, and direct our kids with an understanding of the influence they wield in their lives. Pray for wisdom on how to handle the difficult, praise the achievers, and challenge the uninvolved.

Pray for parents who are trusting others with their greatest treasure on the planet. Pray they see their kids for who they truly are and yet will defend their child with a fair tenacity. Pray that they will seek to partner with these leaders they have entrusted their kids too. Pray that they can be involved early and often in the education of their kids.

Pray for the administrators. With so much to juggle and so much at stake ask for wisdom and discernment. Pray they lead with integrity first. Pray for the ability to see potential and have the desire and wisdom to pull it out of all they lead. Pray they will excel at their job and free others up to do the same.

Pray for all of those starting back to school and let’s make sure they are aware they don’t start this year alone.

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