Latest Updates

Latest Updates


New things have a strange and paralyzing way about them. Anytime we are faced with making a change it causes anxiety for the most obvious of reasons and for reasons unknown. We started this year at Pin Oaks with an emphasis on the 4 things that will change our lives forever. Forever is a long time, but when we submit to Jesus and live for him the changes we make can last forever. We talked about these four choices we all need to make:

  1. Choose to let God transform our hurts so we stop transferring them to others.
  2. Choose to be OK with NOT being OK.
  3. Choose to trust God and resist the pleasing trap.
  4. Choose to free people rather than hurt people.

Through the course of the series we discovered that some of us may be carrying burdens around and have been for years. Put it down today. Because if you don’t, it’ll ruin you. It costs a lot to live by these choices, but to ignore them will cost you even more. Regret.


The building is closing in on the end of Phase 1. There are still some small things that need to be buttoned up before we do a final walk through with our GC. The quick start funds will come to an end and we will need to share Phase 2 plan for you. Our goal is to have it broken down in small segments that you, a small group, or families can adopt to donate the expenses. We are thinking about completed walls, lights, sinks, other bathroom fixtures, feet of wire or pipe, ceiling grids, etc.


We have already had two baptisms in 2018 and are slated for at least one more. February 11th is a family Sunday where our kids will join us in worship (kinder and up). They will lead us in a song, one will give his first sermon (he feels called to preach), and more will follow in Baptism. If your child is contemplating this big moment in their life please contact Pastor Phil.


One of the hardest things we talk about in the church is money. Our irrational fears sometimes motivate that dilemma while first time guests being offended is another reason. However, we are a growing family and we have made a concerted effort to be financially transparent. In an effort to keep within that goal we will be doing monthly financial updates on the first Sunday of every month in BOTH services. It will be brief and questions can be directed to a Finance Team member after service but not during the meeting. The finance team welcomes all questions and suggestions but these Sunday meetings will be brief (5 minutes max) and are designed for informational updates not Q&A. I think the majority of the church will benefit greatly from the updates and those that are frustrated by them will be minimal. Let’s keep financially moving forward and tackle our future together as a family.

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