October Ops

October is full of opportunity. For what? October holds two events that have been the most successful in our church reaching those who need Jesus in their life.

Glowfest, October 26th from 12:00 – 7:00 at Slayter Creek Park:

The last 3 years we have been the title sponsor for Kidzone at Glowfest in Anna. Each year this event has grown in popularity and this year should hold the same. The Kidzone gives us an awesome opportunity to reach out and engage a group of people who won’t come to church without an invite. They won’t examine Jesus any closer because they feel burned, hurt, or disenfranchised by “the church.” It is our goal to use this event to introduce them to Jesus by showing them that we are no different than they are… we will help them see our “me too” attitude. Since many of them have only seen a “holier than thou” attitude from churches in the past, this effort can only help in pulling back the curtain and giving the curious around us a glimpse at the power of Jesus in and through the local church. You can be a part of this effort by helping run a bounce house, mingle with those in line, and when asked… share the story of what “me too” is all about.

Halloween Block Parties, October 31st in your driveway:

Halloween presents another rare opportunity to reach out and engage our neighbors for Jesus sake. Many of us are planning on being out in our neighborhoods already and we think we have a way to make the most of those moments. While the kids and a parent run around the neighborhood filling sacks with candy… leave one parent at home (with several others meeting at the same place) and have a front yard/driveway cookout. As people come by, feel free to give them candy… but also give them an invitation to church. Engage the parents as the kids get candy. Grill some hotdogs and keep extra handy for those weary parents running the block trying to keep up with their kids. Have extra water in a cooler to rehydrate them. Serve them and invite them, ALL WHILE HAVING FUN with your closest home group friends. It is really that easy.

How do I sign up?

Sign up is as easy as speaking with any staff member or SIGN UP BY CLICKING HERE. Email us, call us, text us, or message us via facebook. We need 45 volunteers for Glowfest, and a party in every main neighborhood on Halloween (SIGN UP BY CLICKING HERE).